Lane 8 Shines On Anticipated Melodic House Remix Of Virtual Self’s “Ghost Voices”

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Lane 8 is on an absolute hot streak right now. He put out one of our favorite albums of 2018 near the beginning of the year, but then kept the incredible releases and mixes flowing without hesitation. His winter mixtape included a gem of a remix we’ve been patiently awaiting, and we finally get it today. This of course, is his flip of Virtual Self’s Grammy-nominated original track “Ghost Voices.”

Lane 8 unleashes this dreamy new rework hot off the heels of his original track “Visions” and captures the laidback, melodic house sound we’ve come to love from Lane 8. He maintains the vocals and some melodic structures of the original while making it his own entirely, adding new production and a pulsing house tempo. Check out the highly anticipated remix below and enjoy!

Virtual Self – Ghost Voices (Lane 8 Remix)