Lane 8 Shares Latest Tranquil 3-Hour Deep House Mix “Spring Mixtape 2018”

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Any new Lane 8 is cause for celebration around here. Even though we’re still rinsing out his latest album, Little By Little, which dropped in mid January, Lane 8 has just come through with the latest edition of his seasonal mixtape series, the “Lane 8 Spring 2018 Mixtape”. If you’ve been a fan of Lane 8, then you know the drill: three full hours of some of the most chill and therapeutic deep house that you can listen to.

It’s honestly incredible how someone can put out such lengthy, quality and cohesive mixes with such consistency. After doing the math, Lane 8 has put out fourteen and a half hours of smooth house mixes in the past twelve months, dating back to his Spring 2017 mixtape. Usually with a mix series like that, hosts will bring on guests to contribute, but Daniel Goldstein is doing it all on his own.

If this is your first introduction to Lane 8’s mixtape series, then get ready to dive in. Enjoy!

Lane 8 Spring 2018 Mixtape