Lane 8 Delivers Melodic Mood-Lifting Spring 2019 Mixtape

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The seasons are beginning to change again, which means it’s time for another installment of Lane 8’s seasonal mix series. Our favorite melodic and deep house DJ/producer/curator/label head is back with another tranquil house music journey, and this time it’s a whole three hours long.

Lane 8’s music and selections can be quite melancholy at times, but his Spring 2019 Mixtape is upbeat and euphoric, and a perfect tool for lifting your mood. One thing Lane 8 has always been an expert at is pinpointing a certain mood with his sets, and he nails the springtime theme perfectly one again here.

Stream the new mixtape below and dive into a whole world of melodic sounds. Enjoy!

Lane 8 Spring 2019 Mixtape