Electronic Sibling Duo Lastlings Make ‘First Contact’ With Beautifully Atmospheric Debut Album


On their debut album, First Contact, Lastlings transport listeners on a cosmic journey with expansive electronic productions and mesmerizing vocals. With the guiding hand of RÜFÜS DU SOL, Sibling duo Amy and Josh Dowdle have created a captivating and beautiful album that projects a totally unique aura and is alive with feeling.

The distinctive project takes on deep house qualities, with thudding kicks, echoing claps, and faint shakers underlining most of the tracks. Powerful and plunging chords drive the album through dark yet emotive soundscapes. Contrasting with those deepening basslines are Amy’s airy and mystifying vocals, along with uplifting synth leads. This dichotomy is beautifully captured on the impassioned tracks “Last Breath” and “Visions,” where listeners are granted temporary release from the forceful electronics to allow Amy’s stirring vocals to shine through. Amy’s singular vocals range from bright to brooding, and will have listeners hanging on her every wispy word.

Tracks like “AI,” “I’ve Got You,” and interlude “9400,” showcase some of the more robust and dynamic electronic elements that make this album such an exciting and complete body of work. Sharing their own emotional standpoint behind the album, Lastlings said:

“First Contact is all the moments we experience for the first time, how special they are and how important they are in shaping us as people…We hope that this album sparks all the beautiful and important memories, feelings and emotions that you felt when you experienced something for the first time.”

The album certainly has captured a wide range of emotion and created vast soundscapes, evoking futuristic feels like something out of a sci-fi movie score. First Contact is out now via RÜFÜS DU SOL’s label Rose Avenue Records along with Astralwerks Records. Check this unique and moving album in the stream below. Enjoy!

Lastlings – First Contact