Lastlings Share Extraordinary Sophomore LP ‘Perfect World’

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Brother-sister duo, Lastlings, continue to one-up themselves with every new release we hear. Three years ago, they shared their debut album, First Contact, with the world, receiving immense praise from the electronic music community and increasing anticipation for future LPs. Today, they share their highly-anticipated sophomore album, Perfect World.

Lastlings find a seamless balance between pop hooks and alternative electronic production on Perfect World. Vocal-led tracks like “Better Off Without You” showcase Amy’s ear-worm vocals more than ever, while interlude track “Closer” allows Josh to get experimental on the production side of things. Through the meshing of different genres, the brother and sister duo create an addicting sound unique to them.

Amy and Josh shared their thoughts on the new album, saying:

The stories on this record represent our early 20s. Being in yours 20s is a whirlwind and it is the best time to learn about yourself and the world. This record reflects on heartbreak, falling in love, loneliness, purpose, self-worth/self-esteem, finding independence and mental health. We hope that ‘Perfect World’ helps you to feel less alone, have faith in yourself and believe that you are special in your own individual way.

It is a reminder that you don’t need to rush in life, you can take things slow and you will be okay with being on your own  A massive thank you to our team for believing in us, everyone who helped us make this record come to life, our beautiful friends and family, and all of our listeners – Ya’ll are the best. We are so grateful to have you all in our lives. We cannot wait to learn more, dance more and write more in the future. Sending so much love to you all. 

You can stream Perfect World at the link below, out everywhere via Rose Avenue Records. Enjoy!

Lastlings – Perfect World