Laxcity Shares His Most Impressive Work To Date on ‘kinder opposites’ LP


Laxcity has been on our radar of rising artists to watch for quite some time now. Having recently debuted his live show last year and gaining continued support from renowned artists, it’s safe to say that Laxcity is definitely onto something special. His newest release features some of his most impressive tracks yet. The new LP, kinder opposites, has arrived.

Laxcity’s signature sampling style has continued to distinguish his sound from the rest of the electronic scene. kinder opposites features four new tracks, in addition to six tracks we’ve already fallen in love with (from his EP, cath), all putting Laxcity’s distinct production on display. Standout tune “catalyst,” is sure to be an instant fan-favorite with its innate danceability and hard-hitting drops.

Laxcity commented on the development of the album, sharing:

After going to a few shows in Bristol, where I used to live, and experiencing the culture I went to a particular venue that turned out to be a really crazy place with breakbeat and other songs going off – I wanted to make something in the same vein as the energy I felt in that space, even though it was so grimy with sticky floors and some wild outfits in the crowd haha. I got really inspired by the songs I was hearing. Ultimately I wanted to make a project that could be played and enjoyed in a club setting yet would still retain the melodic, emotional Laxcity sound.

You can stream kinder opposites at the link below. Enjoy!

Laxcity – kinder opposites