Quickly-Rising UK Producer Laxcity Delivers Bright, Beautiful New ‘Purity’ EP

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Up-and-coming producer Laxcity has been on an incredible sonic journey as of late. Having recently come off his immaculate debut album Catharsis, today the UK-based artist has opened yet another chapter in his developing career with an impressive new EP – Purity.

As we had the pleasure of premiering the EP’s title track on the site only a few weeks ago, we’re extremely pleased to hear the full story behind “Purity” unfold via this latest offering. Having kept us on our toes over the years, delivering heavy, bass-fueled bangers and bright ethereal ballads alike, it seems the multi-talented artist has reached a perfect equilibrium with this cohesive new project.

Packed with a wealth of inspiration from all over the hip-hop, electronic music and R&B spectrums, this new six-track EP offers listeners a glimpse into the vulnerable, awe-inspiring sonic universe of Laxcity’s deepest emotions. Featuring a masterful blend of light, playful synth melodies, lush, atmospheric soundscapes, passionate vocals and powerful, skittering percussion – we’re definitely expecting big things from Laxcity in the years to come. Check out his new Purity EP below and enjoy!

Laxcity – Purity