Lazywax Exudes “Love And Happiness” on Addictive Disco Track

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Sydney-based duo, Lazywax, make their debut on the site today with a fresh single primed for the dance floor. If you’re a fan of disco and funk, you may have just found your new favorite song of the Summer, “Love And Happiness.”

We highly recommend accompanying your first listen with the official music video (linked below) for the full, nostalgic disco experience. Lazywax flexes their knack for creating addictive funk grooves with few elements on “Love And Happiness.” Give them a bass guitar, a vocal sample and a drum kit, and they’ll turn out a result that can only be described as magical.

Lazywax gave some insight into the creation of their new single, sharing:

We had just bought a prophet 5 and the first patch we pulled up is what you hear on the record today. Once the groove was born we set our horizons on building a relationship between a vocal hook and an infectious groove.

You can stream “Love And Happiness” at the link below, out everywhere via Sweat It Out. Enjoy!

Lazywax – Love And Happiness