Lee Burridge Teams Up With Lost Desert on Melodic ‘All Day I Dream’ EP, ‘Les Voyeurs De La Nuit’

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Lee Burridge and his All Day I Dream imprint have become synonymous with today’s leading innovative global house music. Conceived behind Brooklyn rooftop parties that have migrated to serene urban and natural locations around the world, Lee Burridge has everything to do with the growing ‘organic house’ genre. Today, the iconic producer has teamed up with longtime collaborator, Lost Desert, for the release of their latest EP, Les Voyeurs De La Nuit.

The aptly titled “Voyeurs of the Night” EP finds both producers reconjuring their penchant for entrancing underground dancefloors around the world. Across the 4-track, groove-exuding project, we’re treated to a wonderful combination of hypnotic rhythms, entrancing melodies, and ambient soundscapes.

The collaborative EP comes out amidst All Day I Dream’s global tour that has Lee Burridge and the ADID family bringing their one-of-a-kind live experience to a city near you. You can check out those tour dates here and stream the full EP below.

Lee Burridge & Lost Desert – Les Voyeurs De La Nuit