Exciting New Zealand Band Leisure Deliver Must Hear 12-Track Debut Album


We've been excited about the five-piece New Zealand band Leisure, who have just released their debut 12-track album, Leisure. The eclectic indie band hit the ground running a string of high-quality singles and have followed up with a finished product that's a pleasant listen from start to finish.

We introduced the genre-blending group to TSIS with “Nobody,” which is their surprising collaboration with Goldlink serving as track nine on the LP. Leisure has developed an easily recognizable sound that’s apparent throughout the record combining various styles and influences. They capture a dreamy sound blending live instrumentation with electronic elements that combines psychedelic indie rock with R&B, funk, soul, blues, electronic influences and more.

The songs range from smooth and sexy tracks highlighting 80s funk synthesizers to slow, relaxing tunes utilizing chilled guitar licks.  Leisure’s debut is a successful showcase of their ability to craft incredibly catchy music that’s a great soundtrack to set a chill mood. Listen to the full album below and enjoy! 

Leisure – Leisure | Purchase