INTERVIEW | Lemaitre Honor Their Late Friend ‘JGM’ With Incredible New EP

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Over the years, Lemaitre have continued to prove themselves as one of the most diverse, forward-thinking bands out there. With an impressive discography already under their belts, today the Norwegian duo have delivered possibly their most personal project to date via JGM.

This latest offering from the powerhouse pairing is truly a gift to themelves, their listeners and most of all, their late friend Johannes Greve Muskat. Aptly named after Johannes, JGM embodies the crisp, polished production Lemaitre has always dailed in, but also the crunchy, punk-esque sensibilities we’ve come to love.

The emotions run deep on this, and they all shines through beautifully throughout the entirety of this immaculate new project. See what the boys had to say about their new EP and stream JGM below. Enjoy!

Lemaitre – JGM

Who are some of your current favorite artists?

Tom Misch, Rex Orange County, Jamie XX from the top of my head. But it’s hard to keep track nowadays with so much good stuff coming out all the time. The new Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes album is so good!

What’s your most recent Google search?

Pancake Recipe

What’s been your favorite quarantine pastime?

Making pancakes. Just having time to cook in general has been nice!

What’s your favorite post-set snack?

The good ol’ assorted vegetable tray if we’re behaving. Chips with the dips if we’re feeling naughty.

This EP seems to embody a lot of special aspects of your music and your journey. How does this project feel different from your past albums / EPs?

It was written in a lot of different places and written with a few different collaborators like Bearson, Jerry Folk and Coucheron. The sound is perhaps a bit more acoustic, but mixed with a lot of different influences from all of us that worked on it. It’s not a new direction, it takes from a wide variety of our earlier stuff, but mixed in with new influences.

What was each of your favorite parts of the album process? Any studio sessions or production breakthroughs that standout in your mind?

We had some really inspiring and beautiful writing trips last year where a lot of the ideas that ended up on the EP started out. One time we were at a cabin by the sea in Norway, another time at a villa in Palm Springs for instance. It’s been nice getting out of your own bedroom studio and into other spaces for some fresh input and inspiration.

How would you hope listeners feel after listening to JGM?

We hope people can take out different feelings from it. To some it may sound a bit sad at times, but it’s also a celebration of life and it’s ups and downs.

It’s truly a special thing that you’ve made this EP in the memory of Johannes Greve Muskat. How do you think he would feel about all the blood sweat and tears you’ve invested into this project?

He was very humble, but I think he’d appreciate it. And hopefully he’d realize all the things he accomplished, and how many people he touched and who loved him.