Indie Group Letting Up Despite Great Faults Release Whimsical New Single “She Spins”


Indie group Letting Up Despite Great Faults have officially dropped their last single before their next album. “She Spins” previews their forthcoming album IV, due March 4. This album will be their first in eight years, and judging from their recent, including this one, the band sounds better than ever.

Sunny guitar strums and upbeat drums contrast with the song’s vulnerable lyrics. Just discernable enough over the backing music, vocalist and guitarist Mike Lee’s soft voice describes a relationship where he feels like his partner is slipping away. On the chorus, Lee is joined by bandmate Annah Fisette, whose voice seamlessly blends with his to create a mood that is both hopeful and heartbreaking. The throwback synth progressions make this song feel especially nostalgic.

You can check out “She Spins” using the link below. Enjoy!

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – She Spins