L’Impératrice Deliver Another Silky Groover “Hématome” From Their Forthcoming Album


Fans of downtempo and funk music that incorporates both electronics and instrumentals will surely be grooving along to the latest track from one of our favorite French groups, L’Impératrice. The six-piece French band was started by a journalist, Charles de Boisseguin, who began to feel that he could no longer critique the works of others until he tried to make some music himself, and so L’Impératice was born. Meaning “empress,” L’Impératrice have certainly crafted a majestic sound, drawing from a wide range of influences, from 70’s space disco to downtempo 90’s synth pop. Their latest single “Hématome” certainly reflects those in its spacey disco synths and groovy basslines. Elegant vocals fit in perfectly with the groups beautiful tones as the song shimmers and flows. The back and forth of the guitar and bassline in this track is sweet.

Garnering attention from fans worldwide after their 2019 debut album Matahari, the band was set to play Coachella in 2020, but it seems that time in the studio has resulted in a new album, Tako Tsubo, which is set to arrive on March 26. Check out the gorgeous video and equally enticing video in the stream below. Enjoy!

L’Impératrice – Hématome