Liquid Stranger & LSDREAM Strike Again with “Take A Trip”

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Liquid Stranger and LSDREAM are proving themselves to be one of the most lethal, dynamic duos in bass music. The last time they came together to make music, it culminated as “POTIONS,” on LSDREAM’s PEACE LOVE & WUBZ album last year. Today, they release “Take A Trip,” which is set to appear on Liquid Stranger’s upcoming album, B A L A N C E, due out April 29.

“Take A Trip” is a dynamic banger that feels like it was beamed down from the cosmos. With seemingly unlimited different forms of wubs, lasers, and other other-worldly sounds, Liquid Stranger and LSDREAM have created another mind-boggling masterpiece. And we have a feeling that this isn’t the last we’ll hear from them.

While this is clearly meant to be a dancefloor crusher, Liquid Stranger notes that there is a degree of introspectiveness that’s intended as well. Here’s his full quote, which also comments on collaborating with LSDREAM:

Sami is not only one of my favorite beings, but he’s also one of the easiest for me to collaborate with. When we get in the studio together, everything seems to align and our music just flows together. We have so much fun and are still able to learn from one another throughout the process. ‘Take a Trip’ is meant to be a dancefloor banger, but also has some introspectiveness to it, so I don’t want that to be overlooked.

You can stream “Take A Trip” from Liquid Stranger and LSDREAM below. Enjoy!

Liquid Stranger & LSDREAM – Take A Trip