Liquid Stranger Debuts On SSKWAN with “Snow Melt”, New Downtempo Track With LUZCID 

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When you think of a Liquid Stranger song, heavy bass and bleeps and bloops come to mind. But for his latest track, “Snow Melt”, he teams up with LUZCID to devise a drippy and melodic tune that is much more chill than his usual stuff. Out today, it’s an especially special release, because it’s his first song on his downtempo sub-label SSKWAN

Both of these bass bosses stray from their usual WAKAAN style wubs and settle into a more slow and soft sound for “Snow Melt”. It has a very fluid and flowy vibe, with an easy, ethereal tempo and lofty chords that seem to stream into your eardrums. This track just exudes euphoria, and it’s exactly the serotonin boost we needed. 

Here is what Liquid Stranger had to say about producing it:

We started working on this at a time when we were both housebound during a huge snowstorm and ended up spending most of our time in the studio together. It reminds us of that feeling you get when the sun comes out for the first time after a storm and things finally start coming back to life again. With the current healing state of our world and the music community specifically, we saw this as a really relevant metaphor and couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all

You can listen to the song below. Enjoy!

Liquid Starnger & LUZCID – Snow Melt