Logic Appears To Have Dropped A New Mixtape, Except Under The New Alias Doc D

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Logic made it very clear last year that No Pressure was going to be his last album ever. He had officially retired from the rap game when he signed a seven-figure deal with streaming giant Twitch. The reason for retirement was also focused around becoming “a great father” to his kid. There was a project released over the weekend, however, that has many of his fans saying he has come out of retirement and reinvented himself.

The project in question is a new mixtape titled PLANETORY DESCTRUCTION by a mysterious new artist called DOC D. There are many factors that have people certain that DOC D is in fact Logic. First, the project is (publicly) executively produced by Logic. Secondly, the flows are very Logic-y. Third, the features on the mixtape are well within Logic’s realm. Hell, even Wikipedia already has this project listed under Logic’s official discography with “as Doctor Destruction” in parenthesis.

He’s not officially denied it anywhere yet, so we’re also leaning towards it being him. If this is the case, what can we expect from the new alias in the future?

The project itself has a very new-school MF DOOM feel to it (going all the way to the masked protagonist). Perhaps Logic never really wanted to retire and instead just wanted to switch up his sound.

You can listen to the full mixtape from DOC D below and enjoy!