Lorde Releases Her First Song In 4 Years, “Solar Power,” Announces New Album

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New Zealand’s crown pop-star jewell, Lorde, is back. She’s returned with her first release in four years. It comes in the form of a vibrant, uplifting new single, “Solar Power,” along with an announcement of an album by the same name.

This new track marks a shift in Lorde’s sound, which has taken a less melancholy turn. The chorus lyrics actually allude to more happier vibes to come: “Forget all of thе tears that you’ve cried / It’s ovеr (Over, over, over, over) / It’s a new state of mind / Are you coming, my baby?”

We’re fully onboard with these bright, summer vibes from Lorde, and can’t wait to hear what the rest of Solar Power, the album, sounds like.

“Solar Power” also arrived with a great, midsommar-y music video. Check it out below. Enjoy!

Lorde – Solar Power