Louis Futon Flips Stranger Things Soundtrack Into A Banger For New Beat Challenge [Free Download]

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Louis Futon has absolutely been on fire with his beat challenges as he samples original songs to entirely recreate them into something that's his own. Now with Stranger Things back for season 2, it makes perfect sense for him to take on the incredible, 80's-laden soundtrack for a flip. 

The soundtrack for the show is already incredible to begin with and with hype around the show at an all-time high, we're loving his choice for his latest beat flip. Louis Futon always has fun with these flip videos and really goes all out on this one as he even hilariously dresses as Barb from the show. Like always, he gives a step-by-step tutorial on his process of the flip showing how he samples the soundtrack, pitches and speeds it up before adding bass, chords and re-creating the theme song melody before adding drums and jamming guitar on top of it all.

Now he's treated fans with the full high quality upload along with a free download of his flip. He recreates a full track around his sample that builds throughout showcasing Louis' impressive production skills while maintaining the best parts of the original. Enjoy!

Louis Futon – Stranger Things Beat Flip | Free Download