Watch Louis Futon & Haywyre Create New Unreleased Collaboration From Scratch

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Louis Futon has done it again! The master of the Beat Challenge videos never fails to disappoint with his videos breaking down how he samples songs and builds entirely new production around them. We’ve seen him link up with artists like GRiZ and Louis The Child for these beat challenges in the past and now he’s linked up with keyboard wizard Haywyre for an entirely new song from scratch, and it’s sounding amazing. 

Like his other videos, Louis shares a breakdown of how it all came together. They made the whole song in just a couple hours and start off with drums before adding bass, keybord chords and an amazing jam session between the two. Haywyre's keyboard skills shine as always and we're really hoping they release a full version of this soon. Enjoy!

Louis Futon x Haywyre