Watch Louis Futon & Party Pupils Create A Beat Using Samples Created At IKEA

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It's been over a year since Louis Futon started posting videos for his "beat challenge" series, and so far we can confidently say it's been wildly successful. He's churned up some of his best beats through these fun videos, and he's just posted another. 

This time, Louis Futon has teamed up with one of the members of Party Pupils to make a beat. The challenge? They both have to use sampled sounds that they got from IKEA. The pair went around the Swedish furniture store and made chords out of a barcode scanner, drums out of banging random things together, and another synth from blowing into a vase. They then fleshed the rest of the track out with some live instrumentation and singing. 

The end result is a beautifully funky track that will make you want to jump up out of your seat and dance. The unnamed track hasn't been uploaded in full yet, but based on his last beat challenge videos, it should be up soon. For now, take a look at the video of Louis Futon, Party Pupils, and friends creating this awesome bit of music below. Enjoy!