Louis Futon & Party Pupils Officially Release Anticipated “One Two Things” Ft. TOBi From IKEA Beat Flip

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Louis Futon has made gigantic strides in the past couple of years. This past spring, he released his cohesive debut album full of some of the more smooth and transcendental tracks out there. Throughout this period of massive growth and identifying his sound, he’s maintained his remix-wizard status with his beat flip challenges. The talented artist shares the process for these creations via Instagram, showing exactly what he samples, the steps he takes in changing it, and how it all comes together in the end. 

The raw talent he showcases in these videos is impressive to say the least. Some of these sessions have been collaborative with various other artists including the future-funk duo, Party Pupils. Now they’re someone that knows their sound. Every track, original or remix, has the same lofty, futuristic, pop-funk feel that everyone can’t get enough of. It also doesn’t hurt when most of them have MAX’s powerful vocals to add that extra panache to their trademark sound.

A few months back, Louis and Suav Yung Blanc of the duo casually waltzed their way through an IKEA, recording sounds from check-out scanners, kitchen utensils, pitchers, vases, and more. All of them were then adjusted, and fused together for an honestly incredible beat. Again, made from noises in an Ikea. Since then, the artists linked back up to give their fan-favorite beat flip a proper release, which they gave us today in “One Two Things.

For the final vocal touches, of course we have MAX’s passionate crooning, but also a smokey-smooth verse from up-and-coming rapper & vocalist, TOBi. To see how this track has made from beginning to end is great entertainment and you have to give it up to these guys for their creativity and ingenuity. The final product is an awesome tune that I doubt anyone will believe came from noises in an IKEA. Good thing we have the video to prove it. Enjoy!

Louis Futon & Party Pupils – One Two Things (Ft. TOBi)