Louis Futon & Robotaki Give KAMAUU’s “MANGO” A Vibrant Electro Pop Remix

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Leave it to Louis Futon and Robotaki to flip a gold tinted funk/R&B track into multi colored electronic tune. The two mellow mood maestros have joined forces on a vibrant new remix of KAMAUU’s  impassioned track, “MANGO.”

KAMAUU’s original take on this piece was brimming with evaluative emotion, with guest vocalists, Adeline and Masego, each driving that feel home further and further. Louis and Robo continue to accent the emotional tension and release by adding in some sweeping synth work and high flying drops that are just oh so satisfying.

Louis Futon and Robotaki seem like a no-brainer collab, so hopefully we see more from these two in the future. Stream their soaring remix of KAMAUU’s “MANGO” below. Enjoy!

KAMAUU – MANGO (Louis Futon & Robotaki Remix)