Louis Futon Provides Chill Fall Vibes on New Zoned Out Vol. 3 Mix

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Beatsmith Louis Futon’s Zoned Out mixes are always absolutely fire, and fans have been earnestly waiting for a third installment since the first two came out. That time has finally arrived, as he’s gifted Volume 3 to music lovers over the past weekend. With 32 fresh and flavorful tracks, it’s a vibrant selection of his favorite tunes mixed together with a few of his own.

Futon effortlessly formulates a chilled vibe on this, starting with the lush opening with two of his songs. He then weaves through snippets of jazzy electronic numbers, lo-fi instrumentals, and some really unique hip-hop mashups from Drake, Outkast, and Aminé. As he smoothly glides from track to track, you can really appreciate not only his song choices but also his production prowess. Try and listen to this and be stressed… you can’t.

You can stream the mix below, and be sure to listen to his anticipated new album Couchsurfing when it drops on November 12, next month. Enjoy!

Louis Futon – Zoned Out Vol. 3