LSDREAM Harnesses Angelic Wubs In New Downtempo Track “FOLLOW THE VIBE”

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LSDREAM has become a steady favorite of ours here at TSIS. The sultan of the psychedelic concocts some of the most immersive music in the game, and today he’s back doing what he does best with a spaced out new track titled, “FOLLOW THE VIBE.”

This new offering builds itself around a more sedated center than we’re used to from Mr. Dream, but the soothing vocal that forges ahead is a very pleasant lead in. Glistening synths reverberate through the air as deliberate percussion focuses our path towards a wonked out downtempo drop of bass growls and pin point laser hits. Next level sound design is something we’ve come to expect from this wielder of weird and he continues to blow us away every time.

LSDREAM doesn’t miss folks, it’s that simple. Whether it’s funky and upbeat, or wubby and melting, LA’s finest funk master has the goods for you. Stream LSDREAM’s newest single, “FOLLOW THE VIBE,” below. Enjoy!