Premiere | Luboku Makes TSIS Debut With Stunning Chill House Single “Without You”

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Fans of Bonobo and Lane 8 are going to love this one… Today we have the pleasure of introducing a talented artist Luboku to the site with his second solo release “Without You,” and we already can’t get enough of it. 

"My interest in electronic music was kindled early on by artists like MGMT and Empire Of The Sun – bold and vibrant music. On Without You, it felt important to pay tribute to these roots, I wanted to create something different from anything I had done before, I wanted it to be bold, grating, and full of tension – splicing these colourful elements with a contemporary feel." – Luboku

The Melbourne-based artist Luis Kennett launched his solo project at the end of last year with “The Surface” after being part of a collaborative project in the past. Right off the bat this impressive artist caught our attention and really puts his amazing sound on full display here. His chill house percussion is paired with captivating sound design placing vocal samples alongside an infectious bassline, rolling melodies and layers of soundscapes creating a hazy depth to the song. After just two solo releases we already know Luboku is someone to keep an eye on. We can’t wait to hear what else Luboku has up his sleeve, but for now, Enjoy!

Luboku – Without You