Lunice Drops Remix Of Dillon Francis’ “Say Less” Ft. G-Eazy & Cryptic Video Teasing Potential New TNGHT Project

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It seems like Lunice is constantly teasing us with new music. He's just dropped new remix of Dillon Francis’ “Say Less" and made some cryptic announcements. The Montreal-based producer stopped in at Red Bull Music Academy a few days ago to reveal that he’s currently working on new TNGHT music with Hudson Mohawke. Today, only increasing the hype, he’s shared a cryptic video simply titled “A special announcement…”.

While the video comes with little context, it seems that there are only two possibilities of what it may mean: either Lunice is releasing new music himself or TNGHT has something on the way. Throughout the Steve Jobs keynote-inspired video, Lunice talks about the five senses, the meaning of “passion” and a “ multi-sensory experience” he calls 360 (also referred to in roman numerals – CCCLX). We’ve seen his 360 logo before on the artwork for his most recent single, “Mazerati” and following the video, new artwork for 360 has popped up with a dead-end link on Lucky Me’s website. A TNGHT logo even pops up when he says the word tonight….

Infomercial-style subtitles continuously show up at the bottom of the screen, one of which, 1-808-CCCLX-LM045LP, caught our eye at the 50-second mark. Obviously the number 808 is a reference to the Roland drum machine/frequently used bass drum and CCCLX is another reference to 360, but LM045LP eludes us. It seems to be the catalog number for Sevendeaths’ ‎most recent release, Remote Sympathy on Lucky Me, but could possibly hold another meaning.

Watch Lunice’s cryptic special announcement video below and hear his new remix of Dillon Francis below. Enjoy!

Dillon Francis – Say Less (Lunice Remix)

"A special announcement" Video