LUUDE Soundtracks A Vibrant, Emotion-Filled Night On New EP, ‘6AM’

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LUUDE is no stranger to making an appearance on the site with an ever-evolving approach to his music. We had the pleasure of covering his energetic drum n’ bass EP, Luudooskins, a few months back and now the Australian producer is already back with his newest EP, 6AM, out now via Sweat It Out.

The release opens with “Wanna Stay,” which sees LUUDE utilize soulful vocals and his signature drum and bass touch to create a fast-paced energetic anthem. On “Glenorchy,” he mixes heavy, dark synths with warehouse inspired techno sounds, all contrasted against a lighter, high pitch vocal. “Arms” and “Butters” sees LUUDE fuse his forward-thinking electronic production with energetic breakbeats, and heavy bass drops. Finishing off the body of work is “Bridgewater,” a vibrant single that is built around a commanding vocal, followed by an emotive synth melody that emulates the feeling of being at a festival in the early hours of the morning.

Stream the EP below and enjoy!