M83 Tease New Music Coming Next Week


French electronic outfit M83 has given us a hint at new music coming next week. In a recent transmission across their social channels, the Anthony Gonzalez-led group shared an animated video with the caption that reads, “01.10.23.” The audio of the video is labeled as “unreleased music.”

Based on this info, it’s looking like next Tuesday, January 10, will begin the rollout of a new M83 project. This would be the first body of work from them since DVSII, their eighth studio album, in 2019. We’ll have to wait for next week to get the hard details, however.

It appears that the first week of 2023 is meant for teasers. On Sunday, Skrillex revealed a teaser for a possible double album.

You can check out the M83 teaser below.