Listen To Mac Miller’s Posthumous Studio Album ‘Circles’

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This day is certainly going to be an emotional rollercoaster. We’ve been at the edge of our seats waiting to hear what Mac Miller‘s posthumous album will sound like, but considering how heartbreaking “Good News” was, we’ve been a bit nervous. The day has come for us to experience the final Mac Miller album, Circles, and we’re ready.

Producer Jon Brion, the man who was working closely with Mac at the time of his passing, was tasked to complete Circles. A job that surely must have been among the hardest of his career, Jon masterfully pieced together what Mac left behind, and the result is an unbelievably powerful and heart-wrenching project that means so much to so many people.

As Mac’s family has explained, Circles was meant to be a companion album to Swimming, completing his “Swimming in Circles” vision. This new album certainly shares the similar confessional sentiments that Swimming did, but in a much more minimal and delicate way. Although Mac was clearly struggling with certain things while making this album, there’s no denying that he was at his most mature here.

His music will live on forever, but this is the last chapter of Mac Miller’s musical story. Some parts, especially the references to death, are difficult to listen to, but Mac always took pride in being unforgivingly himself. Circles is exactly that.

Stream his sixth and most likely album below and enjoy.

Mac Miller – Circles