Watch New Footage of Mac Miller’s Final Live Performance

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New footage of Mac Miller‘s final live performance has surfaced on the internet, thanks to his photography Justin Boyd. Footage of the show had already existed on Mac’s YouTube channel, but it was only him performing one song: “Hurt Feelings.” Just last week, in honor of Mac’s birthday, Boyd uploaded high-quality videos from the same show, which show Mac performing “Self Care” and “What’s The Use?

The concert took place at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, where he did a 3-night run supporting his brand new album at the time, Swimming. The venue is much smaller than venues Mac would normally sell out, but these shows offered a more intimate setting for a performance in which he enlisted a live band for.

Besides his all-time performance for NPR’s Tiny Desk, this is one of the few times where we see Mac Miller’s music being played out with a live band. Swimming is raw, emotional, and funky, so it was the perfect time for him to start doing these types of performances. Thankfully, we are able to see a bit more of what he was offering in these new videos. Little did any of us know that these would be his last moments on stage.

Check out these amazing new videos of Mac performing “Self Care,” and “What’s The Use?” for the last time below. We also included the videos of him singing “Hurt Feelings” and “2009” (these ones are not new). Enjoy!

Mac Miller – What’s The Use? (Hotel Cafe Footage)

Mac Miller – Self Care (Hotel Cafe Footage)

Mac Miller – Hurt Feelings (Hotel Cafe Footage)

Mac Miller – 2009 (Hotel Cafe Footage)