Mac Miller & Portugal. The Man Were Working on Music Together

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Mac Miller, Portugal. The Man, and JID were working on a song together at one point. In a new video, Atlanta rapper JID discussed a yet-to-be-released collaboration that he was working on with the late rapper and indie band.

According to JID, his verse on Imagine Dragons’ “Enemy” was originally meant for the song with Mac Miller and Portugal. The Man. Mac had said his bars were a bit too fast-paced for the track, however, so he ended up starting over. When he was approached by Imagine Dragons, however, he realized he could use the scrapped verse.

We can’t help but wonder what that would have sounded like. JID did also mention that the hook was already fully written, so maybe there is a chance it will see a release someday.

You can check out the video of JID speaking on the collab below. Enjoy!