Mac Miller Has Sold More Albums Than Any Other Rapper So Far This Decade


Thanks to a string of posthumous releases and reissues, Mac Miller has become the best-selling rapper when it comes to pure album sales in the 2020s so far, according to chart data on Twitter.

During these first three years of the new decade, a handful of projects would contribute to this stat. Circles, Miller’s final studio album; reissues of his fan-favorite mixtapes on vinyl, FacesMacadelic, and K.I.D.S; a GRAMMY-nominated box set for Swimming In Circles have all seen commercial success. While there are other commercially successful rappers amassing tons of streams, those numbers don’t count for “pure” album sales, which tally the purchases of actual physical albums, like vinyl.

So far, we’ve seen Mac Miller’s estate and team continue to deliver content for his (still) huge fanbase. And we’re eager to see what they do next.

Mac Miller is the best selling rapper of the decade so far in US pure album sales.

— chart data (@chartdata) April 28, 2022