Mac Miller’s Photographer Shares Breakdown of ‘Swimming’ Cover


Mac Miller‘s album cover for Swimming may be imbued with more meaning than many of us realized. Christian Weber, the photographer enlisted to shoot the cover, has co-signed a breakdown of the piece on his Instagram story that reveals what all the different elements of the photograph truly mean.

The art for Swimming, according to the caption, serves as a combination of his previous studio albums:

The central vertical stripe references the debut Blue Slide Park, the central facial expression from WMWTSO, a white background from GO:OD AM, and a suit the tone of Divine Feminine. Aside from being the sum of his previous efforts, it also states his growth as an artist and evolution across those studio projects.

The breakdown also dives into why he’s wearing a pink suit, his bare feet, the box that he’s sitting in, and more.

You can check out the full breakdown from Christian Weber below in his Instagram post.