Machinedrum Displays Immense Versatility On Genre-Blending Album ‘A View of U’


Today, LA-based producer Machinedrum has released his 9th (9th!) solo studio album, A View of U, and it is truly a work of art. A master of production in his own right, he’s unveiled an eleven track album that seamlessly blends elements of electronica, R&B, drum n bass, hip hop, and more. Featuring collaborations with artists like Freddie Gibbs, Sub Focus, Chrome Sparks, and Rochelle Jordan, the album beautifully ties together diverse worlds of music.

Taking inspiration from an out of body experience, A View of U weaves a beautiful and emotional soundscape, transitioning between various styles and tempos in a way that few artist are capable of, much less even attempt. Atmospheric and soulful tracks like “Star” featuring Mono/Poly and Tanerélle or “Sleepy Pietro” with Tigran Hamasyan provide emotional release between the rap and R&B tinged tracks “Kane Train” featuring Freddie Gibbs and “Spin Blocks” featuring Father. The production is impeccable, featuring a range of sounds and styles that flow beautifully within each track and right on into the next.

We can’t say enough good things about this one-of-a-kind album. Fans of any kind of music will surely find Machinedrum’s art compelling and satisfying. On A View of U, Machinedrum conquers genre, setting himself apart from the ordinary. Listen to the full album in the stream below. Enjoy!

Machinedrum – A View of U