Malaa Releases Gritty New House Single, “DON’T TALK,” Announces New Mixtape


Oh Malaa, how we love your unparalleled brand of devilish dark house music. Whenever we see a new track by the pernicious Parisian we know we’re in for a proper flooring and his latest on the infamous CONFESSION label delivers in spades. “DON’T TALK” comes as the first single from his upcoming Illegal Mixtape Vol. 3, and we can already tell we’re in for one hell of a ride.

A distant “ping” intermittently rings out over a steady kick like an ominous game of pong. As the vocal and percussive layers rise in one by one, the malicious mask issues one final command, “DON’T FUCKIN TALK,” and all hell breaks loose. Bursts of sub kicks ring out like rapid fire as pitched samples and bass synths recoil overhead. How this man is able to do so much with what seems like so little is beyond me, and is a testament to his mastery of production and sound design.

This was just round one of Illegal Mixtape Vol. 3. No dance floor will be safe when this monster of a project releases in full. As we stay on high alert for that release date, stream Malaa’s newest stomper “DON’T TALK” below. Enjoy!

Malaa – DON’T TALK