Malaa Brilliantly Samples Dr. Dre On G-Funk Laced House Cut “Four Twenty”


I know what you’re thinking- Wasn’t 4/20 like last week? Yes… Yes it was. Well, the one and only malicious masked man, Malaa, had a special treat ready for the holiday, buuuuut our face masked friend announced last week that he enjoyed the holiday a little too much and forgot to post the track (no worries Malaa, we love you anyway). But you know what they say, better late than never, and today we finally get to hear Malaa’s filthy new heater, “Four Twenty.”

This latest stomper from the pernicious Parisian is as dank as the green he must’ve been smoking. The flawlessly sampled “Let’s Get High” by Dr. Dre and a bass line loaded with unruly attitude are enough to turn anyone into a member of Malaa’s masked marauders. This much funk in one bass line should be illegal, and we’d expect nothing less from the felonious French-man.

It really seems like Malaa can do no wrong, and when he goes off on bangers like this, he only solidifies his spot as house music’s baddest boss. Stream Malaa’s tight new tune “Four Twenty” below. Enjoy!

Malaa – Four Twenty