Malaa Gives Petit Biscuit’s “Pick Your Battles” A Stomping New House Remix

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Every time I see some new Malaa, I always perk right up with interest. The masked marauder is in remix mode for his newest offering. His target: “Pick Your Battles” by fellow Frenchman, Petit Biscuit.

When Petit and Diplo first linked to produce this tune, the final product was a dynamic internationally kissed track featuring whirling instrumental loops. But leave it to Malaa to give a song filthy bass house face lift. Change out those whirling instrumentals for head spinning basslines and chucking sound bytes and—BOOM! The dance floor is yours.

Another day, another reckless Malaa flip. When it comes to remixes, few people do em better. Stream the pernicious Parisian’s new rework of Petit Biscuit’s “Pick Your Battles” below. Enjoy!

Petit Biscuit – Pick Your Battles (Malaa Remix)