Mall Grab Announces Debut Album ‘What I Breathe’


One of house and techno’s most promising and trailblazing talents, Mall Grab, has just announced his highly-ancitipated debut album, What I Breathe. The announcement comes with a brand new single titled “Understand,” featuring Turnstile frontman, Brendan Yates.

Mall Grab’s reverb-soaked, rave-inspired, and warehouse-ready (yet versatile) sound will come to its culmination on this new project, which is due out on August 5 via his own Looking For Trouble imprint. It’s set to contain a hearty 13 tracks, with features from the likes of Nia Archives, Novelist, and more. Mall Grab has also listed his real name, Jordon Alexander, as features on some tracks.

In a statement on social media, Mall Grab mentioned that he didn’t expect that his project would ever be released:

[What I Breathe] has been through so many changes I thought it would never happen but here we are, with a finished product I am not only immensely proud of, but sure that there is something for everyone; My fans are everything to me – if you’ve been to a show or listened to my music you know you’re like my family and I’m eternally grateful that the true crew has stayed close as I’ve explored the immeasurable amount of sounds that exist in my psyche… I was lucky enough to work with some incredible talents and I can’t wait to share more.

You can catch a couple glances of Mall Grab’s debut album below via his most singles. You can also peep the tracklist. Enjoy!

Mall Grab – Understand (feat. Brendan Yates)

Mall Grab – Metaphysical