Listen to Mall Grab’s Gold Mine of Unreleased Songs on BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

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Australian producer Mall Grab solidified his place on our list of must-watch artists with the release of his debut album in August. As part of the album rollout, he released a stellar Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1.

Although the mix was recorded and released in August, Mall Grab just released his own recording of the original mix on his YouTube channel, citing the various copies with “awful quality” going around.

Not only is this mix jam-packed with the best of Mall Grab’s current discography, but more than half of it is also unreleased IDs. If you want a true taste of Mall Grab’s sound, this is the mix to listen to. This two-hour mix perfectly captures his lo-fi rave vibe. His flawlessly mixed selections go from chill, deep house tracks to minimalist, industrial techno.

Stream Mall Grab’s Radio 1 Essential Mix here, enjoy!