Manic Focus – Definition of the Rhythm (Album) (320 Version) : Must Hear Electronic / Dubstep / Groove Album with Great Sampling [TSIS SPONSORED]

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Today I'm stoked to bring you another sponsored release, and we only sponsor musi that we want to make sure everybody hears. It's the latest release from Manic Focus, one of my favorite new producers. It's a newly remastered higher quality 320 bit rate version of Defintition of the Rhythm, sponsored by Thissongissick and Grassroots. This newcomer from Minnesota has a sound that combines a bassy edge with a groovy vibe, simliar to the Pretty Lights vibe. Some of the tracks hit a little harder then others, but they all have a funky groove that gets you moving. I love the choice of samples on here ranging Outkast to Tom Petty, and everything in between. He does a great job at sampling all parts of the songs, instead of just the vocals. It was extremely hard to pick out a few tracks to sample, so grab the entire album here and just listen to all the way through, trust me. Turn it up, looking forward to more Manic Focus, enjoy!

Manic Focus – That ThanG | Download

Manic Focus – Skydiving | Download

Manic Focus – One More Whiskey | Download

Manic Focus – Zeleke's Magic Bass | Download

Manic Focus – Big Guns | Download

Manic Focus - Kareoke | Download

Manic Focus – Defintion of the Rhythm (Entire Album) | Direct Download

Manic Focus Remixes

1. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California (Manic Focus Remix)

2. Gary Jules – Mad World (Manic Focus Remix)

3. Trampled by Turtles – Wait So Long (Manic Focus Remix)