Manic Focus Announces 7th Studio Album, Drops New Single “You Do You”


Manic Focus has been a pioneer in the world of funk-focused electronic music. The Denver producer has been steadily releasing music since 2012 and has played nearly every notable music festival we can think of. This past week, he announced his forthcoming 7th studio album, Never Not Blue, and released the lead single, “You Do You.”

Like so many artists, Manic Focus is looking to his earlier influences and has stated that his latest project will draw heavily on the cross between blues and electronic music. “You Do You” sets up that theme perfectly as it melds blues melodies with hip-hop beats and dubstep wubs. Manic Focus broke into the scene with this type of sound and it’s refreshing to hear him go back to his wheelhouse.

We don’t have a release date for Never Not Blue just yet but we’ll definitely keep you posted as soon as we know more. Stream the single below and enjoy!

Manic Focus – You Do You