Watch Marc Rebillet & Wayne Brady Perform A Full Improv Set Together

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Every Sunday, Marc Rebillet performs via livestream, and this past weekend he showed up with Wayne Brady, who most of us know from his amazing run on network improv show, Who’s Line Is It Anyway? The two performed a b2b improv set together from Marc’s house, and the vibes are just too good to miss.

It’s something else to watch two absolute masters of their craft go to work together. It’s also heartwarming to watch Marc vibe with one of his own idols during one of his “favorite streams to date.” Here’s what he said about the set in the comments:

Y’all, I think you can see on my face how happy this collaboration made me. I’ve been watching and being inspired by Wayne since I was a kid. It was such a privilege to work with someone who is so unbelievably, ridiculously good at what we do. One of my favorite streams to date.

Marc goes on to mention how much he loves performing with guests. It’s safe to say there could be some more surprises guests in the future.

You can watch the full video of their performance together below. Enjoy!