Watch Marc Rebillet & Freestyle Pro Harry Mack Combine Improv Forces for 2 Full Hours

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Last week, Marc Rebillet broke the internet by bringing the famously funny Wayne Brady onto his Sunday stream as a guest. This past weekend, he one-upped himself by enlisting the talents of one of the most talented freestyle rappers on the internet, Harry Mack (you may have come across his videos on YouTube as he’s just broke a million subscribers).

Marc’s Sunday streams have become a highlight of the weekend for me, personally, and I don’t often miss them. Let me tell you that this was easily the best stream he’s done so far. Marc’s on-the-fly beat-making talents intertwine perfectly with the freak-of-nature freestyling skills of Harry Mack. Their chemistry is immaculate. If these two were stuck in that room together, they would be able to create off-the-cuff music until the end of time.

Not only is their talent awe-inspiring, but hilarious as well.

You can check out the full full stream below, which takes place over the course of two hours. Enjoy!