Marian Hill Drops Must Hear, Highly Anticipated Sophomore Album ‘Unusual’

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The new Marian Hill album, Unsual, is finally here. Ever since the extraordinary duo dropped the lead single, “Subtle Thing,” we knew it was going to be a special project. Our hype was built up even more with the incredible follow up singles “Differently” and “Wish You Would.” The album felt like it was shaping up to be a dark, eerie trip, and that’s exactly what it ended up becoming.

Marian Hill features some of the cleanest, crispiest production we’ve heard, along with beautiful, hypnotic vocals. The dup only keep getting better with each release. We loved their debut album, Act One, but Unusual feels like some of their best work thus far.

Marian Hill have been some of our favorites for a while, and this new album strengthens our admiration for them even more. If you’re a fan of anything these two have been doing in the past few years, this project is a must listen. Enjoy!

Marian Hill – Unusual