PREMIERE | Marley Carroll Puts An Awe-Inspiring Spin on edapollo’s “Wildflower”

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Since its release a few months back, edapollo’s Blue Spring album has garnered an impressive number of listens and interest. Now, he’s enlisted the touch of five fellow producer friends to rework the tracks on a remix EP, due out in January. One track we’re really digging is Marley Carroll’s remix of “Wildflower” and we’re pleased to say we have an exclusive listen before its release tomorrow. 

We have written about Marley Carroll before and talked about he really knows how to incorporate drums that get you dancing. The same is true for the “Wildflower” remix; as it kicks off right away with punchy percussion, which serves as the power source through the track. Carroll has stripped the song down a bit, giving it a melodic downtempo soundscape complemented by light, shimmering synths. 

You can listen to the remix below. Enjoy!

edapollo – Wildflower (Marley Carroll remix)