PREMIERE | Marley Carroll Makes TSIS Debut With Stunning New Chill House Singles “Migration” & “Monarch”

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Today we have the pleasure of introducing producer Marley Carroll to the site with his double-single "Migration / Monarch". Hailing from Asheville, NC, the rising artist is slated to drop his forthcoming LP Flight Patterns on November 16th. Both tracks are be included, alongside previously released double-singles “Starlings / Seven Crows” and “Shiver / Fireflies”. The offering will be Marley Carroll’s third album, following Melanaster (2007) and Sings (2013).

Migration is about the necessity of adapting to change, which is one of nature’s immutable rules. We are all waking up to the notion that we have an uncertain future, humans and birds included. The silver lining of this frame is that nature is inventive, robust and fiercely tenacious, and will hopefully grant us the wisdom to adapt to and overcome these challenges.

Monarch butterflies migrate thousands of miles in the fall months, typically from the northern US and Canada down to Mexico and California where they overwinter. It’s a beautiful display of endurance and innate rhythms. I tried to evoke the fluttering clouds of orange color with harp glissandos and chord clusters. This song has an ease and flow that relieves some of the tension found on the rest of Flight Patterns. – Marley Carroll 

As heard in “Migration / Monarch”, his music is hypnotic and organic, resembling a sound heard from artists such as Emancipator, Bonobo, Tycho, or Four Tet. “Migration” is composed of ominous pads, scattered percussion and whirling synths, whereas “Monarch” revolves around a steady kick pattern, cultured plucks and a deep vocal chop.  After just one listen, it is evident that Marley Carroll is a very technically talented producer and a skilled composer who will continue to release irresistibly unique music. These come via Emancipator's Loci records, which is an obvious fit for the laid-back ethereal vibe. Enjoy!

Marley Carroll – Migration / Monarch