Marra & whinn Team Up with Dana Williams on New Summer Single “Rollercoaster”


Netherlands-based producer Marra has had quite the journey these past few months, and we’re stoked to share his latest project with you! On his new single “Rollercoaster,” Marra collaborates with fellow producer whinn and vocalist Dana Williams to create the perfect euphoric summer jam. Dana’s jazzy vocals combined with funky instrumentals and house-inspired beats shine under soft synths and smooth transitions.

The track is a triumphant release for Marra, who has been recovering from a brain hemorrhage he had back in November of 2021. On the creation of the track, Marra expressed his excitement in an Instagram post after experiencing his own metaphorical rollercoaster:

“I decided I wanted to put in the work to get this release out there. Because it’s one of my favorite tracks I made so far! It has been quite challenging to pick up my producer/artist journey again, with the physical challenges I’m experiencing today. I still have a long way to go, but I like to think of this release as a new beginning after this crazy rollercoaster phase.”

Huge congratulations to Marra on his recovery, and on the release of this incredible track! We’ll be blasting this all summer long, and you can too at the link below. Enjoy!

Marra & whinn – Rollercoaster (feat. Dana Williams)