Mary Droppinz Melds UK Garage & Techno On “Hot Pants”

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Mary Droppinz began her DJ career in the underground LA scene. When the pandemic hit, she pivoted to Twitch and found an audience of house and techno lovers that turned into a dedicated following. In addition to her residencies on Abracadabra and LP Giobbi’s Femme House series, she also makes regular performances on Desert Hearts and Justin Martin’s Good TV. Her latest release is a garage/breakbeat groove titled, “Hot Pants,” out now via Discovery Project.

Some organic sounding breakbeat drums kick things off and set the foundation for the rest of the track. Some chopped vocals and plucked harp strings fill in some space to create a trippy, layered production. Around the halfway point, Mary switches things up for a more techno/breakbeat sounding beat without sacrificing any of that same energy. The once simple sounding drum pattern makes way for a complex, linear rhythm that shows an incredible musical knowledge.

Stream the track below and enjoy!

Mary Droppinz – Hot Pants (Ft. Rowa)