Massive Bootleg Supreme Store With Indoor Skatepark Opens In Shanghai


Everyone is aware of Supreme, the equally love and hated streetwear brand boasting their iconic box logo. The cult-like brand is worn by countless rappers, DJs and other musicians to become somewhat of a status symbol. The brand is so well known that it has become one of the top targets for the counterfeit market across the world. Bootlegging just pushed the boundaries as a fake supreme “flagship” store has opened in Shanghai that looks even more epic than the legitimate Supreme stores.

The store literally has an indoor skatepark, inspirational quotes on the walls and endless amount of fake Supreme.

“This is a whole new level with this criminal enterprise — these complete imposters and impersonators. This is a company that was able to convince one of the biggest companies in the world that they are the real thing.”  Supreme founder James Jebbia via interview with Business of Fashion

Supreme Italia, also known as “fake Supreme” just opened an absolutely massive store in Shanghai that’s fully decked out. While copyright laws in the US may be pretty stringent, Supreme Italia owner IBF found a loophole to sell Supreme branded products in China. This was due to Supreme not owning the patent for product sales and market authorizations in China.

Supreme Italia was able to gain access to the Asian Pacific market (excluding Japan) and legally rip off the already established Supreme brand to legally sell counterfeit material. This is nothing new for the counterfeit company – they actually already have four physical stores in Spain. The fact a company can come in and legally sell fake products ripping off another brand is absurd, but this is how Supreme Italia operates. “It’s a practice that involves registering a trademark in a certain country before the original owner of that trademark has a chance to do so,” explained Alessandro Balduzzi, a trademark lawyer at Studio Legale Costa Creta – Bugnion in Italy.

They really took it to the next level with what looks to be a Supreme flagship store filled entirely with bootleg products. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out down the road as there is clearly a lot of controversy about breaching copyright. Check out some pictures of the Supreme Italia store in Shanghai below and enjoy!