MATVEÏ Gives Us a Taste Of Summer with “Te Necesito” Club Edit

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The tastemakers over at Kitsune Musique have just put forth a contender for the theme song of summer 2022. French producer MATVEÏ‘ transforms his track “Te Necesito” into a dancefloor banger that has us seeing visions of late nights in Ibiza.

This club edit truly has all the makings of a perfect summer anthem. Featuring airy guitar strumming in the background, MATVEI adds a nice light reverb effect to the warm Spanish vocal stems of the original. However, here he overlays a tasty tech house rhythm. The overall effect of the track feels like a cool breeze caressing us during a late-night beach party.

Here’s what MATVEÏ had to say about the original:

It all started with a rough acoustic guitar demo that had been sitting in my hard drive for 2 years… One day I stumbled upon Melika’s vocal performances and connected with them instantly, so I reached out and after 3 months of back n forths we finalized her topline. I had a very clear vision for this song from the beginning: I wanted to create a beautiful, highly melodic tune with Spanish vocals and acoustic guitars mixed with electronic elements (the vocoder and house beat for instance). Despite making about 30 versions of it, the song is finally yours and I couldn’t be happier with it.

You can stream the new edit from MATVEÏ below. Enjoy!

MATVEÏ – Te Necesito (club edit)